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Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy explains how we utilize cookies and similar technologies to enhance your experience when you interact with our services. By continuing to use our services, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms outlined in this policy, aimed at improving functionality, personalization, and overall user experience.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a compact text document saved on your computer or another web-connected device. Its purpose is to recognize your browser, offer analytical data, and recall details like your preferred language or login credentials. Cookies are entirely secure and cannot execute software or transfer viruses to your device.

What type of cookies does AltTask use?

Cookies can be categorized as either session cookies or persistent cookies. A session cookie automatically expires when you close your browser, whereas a persistent cookie will stay on your device until it reaches its expiration date or you manually clear your cookies. The expiration timeline for these cookies is predetermined and can vary widely—from a few minutes to several years. Cookies that are set by the website you are visiting are referred to as “first-party cookies.”

What is a third-party cookie?

A third-party cookie is set by a domain other than the one you are currently visiting. For example, cookies placed by on would be considered third-party cookies. Some of AltTask’s technologies and applications might be hosted on domains that are third-party to the one you are visiting.

However, AltTask strictly prohibits third-party tracking companies from setting cookies or other trackers on our website, underscoring our dedication to safeguarding our users’ privacy. When we incorporate content hosted on a third-party platform into our website, that third party may place cookies in your browser. These are generally intended for service delivery purposes, such as managing bandwidth, saving your language preferences, tracking consent, and gathering anonymous statistics like video play counts. Wherever feasible, we opt for the most privacy-preserving settings, such as Privacy Mode or Anonymous Statistics Only, to ensure your privacy is protected. Nonetheless, we might not have full control over certain aspects, like the unilateral setting of cookies by these third parties when a page with embedded content loads.

How you can manage cookies?

Cookie Preference Manager: At any time, you can adjust your cookie preferences by clicking on `Manage Cookie Preference` located at the top of this page, or through the Cookie icon found at the left bottom corner of the web page. This option is available if you are accessing the site from the EU, UK, Brazil, Japan, or California regions.

Browser Settings: Most web browsers provide the option to manage cookies via their ‘settings’ menu. However, restricting the capability of websites to place cookies might degrade your overall browsing experience, as it will not be tailored to your preferences. Additionally, this could prevent you from storing customized settings, such as login details.


We reserve the right to modify this Cookie Statement periodically to accommodate changes in our cookie usage or for various operational, legal, or regulatory reasons. To ensure you remain informed about our practices concerning cookies and related technologies, we recommend revisiting this statement frequently. Should you require further details regarding our cookie policies, please feel free to reach out to